Model Policies and Benefits

Your written commitment to wellness can cost next to nothing and send a powerful message, “We Care.”

Assure that the food or beverages you provide at meetings, conferences or events are healthy.


Policy on Healthy Meetings, Conferences and Events

This document describes [Organization’s] policy for healthy meetings, conferences and events. Proper implementation of this policy will ensure [Organization’s] sponsored meetings, conferences or events provide healthy food options and physical activity breaks.


Policy on Healthy Vending

This policy will assure that at least 70 percent of food and beverage sold in vending machines in facilities rented, owned or operated by [Organization] meet specified nutrition standards that align with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Policy on Healthy Food and Beverage Guidelines for Cafeterias

This policy applies to any café or cafeteria located on property rented or owned by [Organization]. This policy outlines requirements for healthy food and beverage options, nutritional information, serving size guidelines, and pricing and placement of healthy foods and beverages sold in [Organization’s] cafeteria.


Workplace Breastfeeding Support Policy

This policy describes [Organization’s] policy for providing optimal workplace support for employees who are breastfeeding. Proper implementation of this policy will ensure [Organization] meets all the requirements of the Oregon Wage and Hour Law requirements for rest periods for expression of milk.


Model Weight Management Benefits

Nearly two-thirds of Oregon’s employed, insured adults are trying to lose or maintain weight. Providing access to an evidence-based weight management program can help employees reach or maintain a healthy weight. An investment in weight management for employees can help contain health care costs, increase employee productivity, decrease absenteeism, and improve employee morale.


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