Make your Workplace a Healthy Place to Be

Most Oregonians want to improve their health by losing or maintaining their weight. Many spend nearly half their waking hours at work. Here are some worksite strategies that can help employees reach their weight goal, while improving the bottom line:

  • Provide water instead of soda.
  • Invest in a refrigerator and microwave so employees can bring healthy foods from home.
  • Offer healthy foods and beverages at meetings, conferences and catered events
  • Remove candy dishes and other temptations from common areas.
  • Set nutrition standards for worksite vending machine or cafeterias.

When considering tomorrow’s workforce: Support breastfeeding by providing lactation accommodations for nursing mothers.


Success Stories from Across Oregon

New Seasons Market: A food store creates a clean, quiet place for nursing moms and others to attend to health.

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