Create a Tobacco-Free Work Environment

There is no safe level of secondhand smoke. That’s why organizations are going beyond Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace Law, approving campus-wide tobacco-free policies that prohibit use of all tobacco products at work, inside and out. Here’s how:

  • Inspire leadership
  • Engage a team to oversee the effort
  • Inquire
    • Assess employee interest and need through discussions, surveys, health data, etc.
    • Explore opportunities and challenges with employees, vendors, and neighbors.
  • Act
    • Draft a policy with a clear start date.
    • Craft a plan that includes a budget for signs and cessation support.
    • Communicate clearly, often, and in lots of ways.
    • Buy and post effective signs.
    • Inspire others through news media coverage.
    • Celebrate

Samaritan Health employees breathe clean air, find ways to move.

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